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My Name is

Seoli Kim

Passionate and creative developer with a strong interest in software development and data science.

Equipped with work experience in game & software development; in addition to a portfolio of a wide variety of projects.

I am eager to interlink finance with new revolutions in computer science, striving to be a part of world-changing products.


Expertise, toolbox & their implications

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Game Dev Platform

Unity is a powerful cross-platform game engine for creating high-quality graphics and performance for games, animation, VR/AR, and more.

Popular showcases include Among Us, Pokemon Go, and Genshin Impact.

  • Unity 2D/3D platform
  • Physical engine
  • UI/UX
  • Advanced Package: AI
  • Game mechanics, multiple scenes & levels
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Sound Effect
  • Multiplayer platform
  • Mobile & PC game design
  • Rendering for textures and materials
  • Debug & Testing
C# Icon
Programming Lanaguage

C# is a modern, cross-platform compatible programming language developed by Microsoft. Self-studied & expertized through game development.


Game Design

  • Gameplay Mechanics - Level design, game flow, win-lose rule, etc

    Published a Research Paper on gamification with the design of game Bit’s Bites. open

  • Story & Character - Intriguing plotline and unique characters for all genres

    Wrote a novel The Delicious Phytoanthrope. open

  • Art & Visual - Graphic design for scenes, characters and more open

  • UI/UX - Interactive features including Home, shop, friends list, tutorial and more open

Learn More

about my experience with my indie game OooMath

Android Icon

Android Studio

Software Dev Platform

Android Studio is a popular IDE used for Android app development. It offers a range of tools and resources, including code editing, debugging, and testing capabilities.


Developing applications in Android Studio is one of my main responsibility as a developer at NinefoldTech Co.,Ltd. Learn more about my experience as a Software Developer Intern.
I am familiar with Android documentation and mobile-specific utilities.

Java Icon
Java Language

Java a versatile and widely-used programming language known for its platform independence, robustness, and extensive libraries.
Learned from School & expertized through app-developing work experience.


API & Framework


Integrate pre-built functionalities and resources into applications. Worked with several APIs & frameworks, specifically in visual analysis & AI

  • Mediapipe - framework that offers customizable solutions for building real-time multimedia processing pipelines efficiently.
  • Caffe - deep learning framework with expression, speed, and modularity.
  • Backtrace.io - an error monitoring and debugging platform targetting software crashes


  • Gitlab/ Github - use web-based platforms to provide version control and collaborate visually for development
  • Notion - plan, organize and divide tasks between team members
  • English & Chinese open-source - access documentation and resources from both English & Chinese platforms

Quantative economic


Use statistical techniques, econometric modeling, and advanced algorithms to analyze historical economic data, identify trends, and forecast future outcomes with greater accuracy.

  • macrocorr - I built a Python package for analyzing the correlation between macroeconomic indicators and time-series data, applying various python libraries and packages.
    Learn more about python package Macrocorr

  • time-series forecasting - I implemented AI models from Statsmodel and TensorFlowto to predict the prices of cryptocurrency.

Python Icon
Programming Lanaguage

Python is a High-level, general-purpose programming language widely used for data analysis, and automation tasks.


Data Analysis

Python libraries
  • Numpy open - For numerical computations, arrays, and linear algebra operations in scientific computing.

  • Pandas open - For data manipulation, analysis, and exploration, primarily working with structured data.

  • Matplotlib open - For creating static, animated, and interactive visualizations in various formats and styles.

  • Seaborn open - For creating attractive and informative statistical visualizations, built on top of Matplotlib.

AI Model
  • ARIMA - Time series forecasting model combining autoregression, differencing, and moving average.

  • LSTM - Recurrent neural network for modeling long-term dependencies in data.

Reinforcement Learning Image Icon
Reinforcement Learning

Machine learning where agents learn through trial-and-error interactions with an environment, maximizing cumulative rewards.

Unity MLAgents

Unity-based platform for developing intelligent agents, enabling simulations and game-based AI research.

Digital Art

  • Digital Painting- applying rich and dramatic color on sketch
  • Concept Art for film, advertisement & media
  • Photoshop/image manipulation- create cool digital effects to fit all demand
  • Graphic design- 2D design for 3D model
  • Gimp - powerful open-source graphics editor used for image manipulation and editing
  • Sketchbook - digital art software for sketching, painting, and illustration
  • AI art- Use AI to brainstorm and produce art, such as Midjourney
Simple Girl Character Design
Character Design

Design visual elements, from their physical attributes to their color palette and overall style. The appearance aligns with their personality and identity, creating cool & unique characters.

Learn more

View my Character Design Gallery

Poster & Post

  • Create posters for all purposes
  • Design authentic posts across all social media platforms
  • Create organized templates for Google doc, Notion page, and more
Canva Icon

High familiarity with Canva platform to create posters & social media posts

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Creating posters & posts is one of my main responsibilities as intern at EducationUSA open.

Paper Drawing Image Icon
Real Life Art

I draw & paint as a hobby which I develop my artistic taste and skill; Do realistic sketches, oil/acrylic painting & creative drawing.

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View my Real Life Art Gallery

Website Dev

  • Plan, design & build clear website layout & flow
  • Design pleasing, unique, and creative visual representations
  • Program responsive website for both mobile & PC
  • Build interactive user experience and immersive transition
  • Create journal content to use in the website

Implement existing elements & features into web dev for efficiency & advancement
Some examples include: Bootstrap, Animate.css, matter.js , and more


This profile website is fully designed and developed by myself. Thank you for taking the time to view my profile.

research Icon
Type of Research

Information Analysis - Collect, analyze & report resources and information
One of my main responsibility at EducationUSA. open

Academic - use literary review, experiment, and other academic approaches to write a journal
Learn more at my published research paper on gamification at Oxford Scholar. open

Programming Lanaguage

HTML - the standard markup language for the structure and content of web documents
CSS - styling language for visual aspects including colors, fonts, layouts, and other visual elements
JavaScript - scripting language for dynamic and interactive elements on websites.

Learn more

about my novel:
The Delicious Phytoanthrope


proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Capable of understanding formal language and academic writing.
Native language; Proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Moderate understanding of dialects of Mandarin
rudimentary level of speaking and listening
Rutgers Scarlet Knights logo
Scarlet Knight
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Honors College of Rutgers University-New Brunswick, NJ, US

class of 2027
Learn More about Honors College and Rutgers University.


live in China for over 12 years. Stayed in several cities.
Familiar social media platform in Mainland China, including Baidu, Wechat, Weibo, bilibili TV, XiaoHongShu and more. Have working experience with Chinese Team.
live in NJ, US for over 2 years. Attend Middle school and college in US.
South Korea
live in Seoul, South Korea for 3 years. Attended highschool in South Korea.
Nationality identifies as Korean.


  • Engineering internship of Oxford Scholastica Academy, Oxford University open
  • Certificate of distinction, AMC 12- Top 5% open
  • AP Scholar with Distinction & Honor open
  • Valedictorian of KKFS, class of 2023 open


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Rutgers Open System Solutions

Systems Developer  2024~now

Implementing and deploying new, significant features for various system Utilities for Rutgers University, including go.rutgers.edu, the official URL shortener of Rutgers, impacting 80,000+ active links and their combined 17,000,000+ link visits.
Implementing full-stack archtecture for Rutgers Student Service, with Google API Utilities an dGo programming language


Individual Project  2023

A Python package for analyzing the correlation between macroeconomic indicators and time-series data. This package is designed to provide the easy process of analyzing and comparing the correlations with multiple macroeconomic indicators at a single time.
Individually design, develop and publish. Availiable to download through pip and publish on GitHub page.

NinefoldTech Co.,Ltd

Junior Developer  2022~2023

Part-time junior developer at NinefoldTech Co.,Ltd, Smile & Game developer team; Designed game mechanics and game levels.
Used Android Studio IDE & Gitlab for app development and testing; Assisted in implementing the Caffe & Mediapipe framework into the application;

EducationUSA NEAP

Junior Intern   2022~2023

EducationUSA is U.S. Department of State network for higher US education.
Responsible for data organization, research, publicizing events, youth outreach, and social content creation. Some regular work includes following up events for higher US education, collecting & organizing resources, maintaining the official platform, etc.

Website Personal Profile

Individual Project   2022

This website is fully designed, developed and maintained by myself. The website is made up from HTML, CSS and JavaScript without any assistance from third-party tools.

Indie Mobile game: OooMath

Individual Project   2022

Self-developed educational mobile game OooMath with Unity, incorporating AI techniques, data management API, Unity ADs system, and Playfab public server; Including colorful graphic, addictive game mode, and unique control feature. Published in Google Play Store;

Engineering Research Team, Oxford Scholastica

Research Intern   2022

Research Intern at Gamification in Education Research Team, Oxford Scholastica, the University of Oxford; Our team analyzed the benefit of gamification and studied the concept of game design. We applied the aspects of gamification in developing an educational game.


Work opportunities, Creative projects, or just for fun

Phone: 732-558-9186
Email: seolikim1225@gamil.com
Address: New Brunswick, NJ, United States